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Never really got to wear this dress so I thought I’d try it on with the new petticoat. It’s extremely puffy!! 

Also Ive never had a proper cord together for this dress (still dont) but I did have a new bolero and blouse to try for it so ye. I have a more matching headdress, Skeleton choker and an apple necklace on the way. 

ALSO COULDN’T FIND THE LITTLE GOLD SKULL CLIP I ALREADY HAD so I improvised. A LOT OF IMPROVISING. I refuse to wear this in public until I’m 100% satisfied with the coordination and I never seem to be. 

Fallin asleep at the shitty old park.  

I like my brother’s dumb selfie app with the faded filter thinggy. I need to download that when I’m less lazy. 


Couldn’t upload them before cos I had to run. v uv 

I’ve only got 50% of this coord but I tried to pull something together anyway!  Its really cold here today which is crazy.

Baby’s Soiree of the beginning of my memories. 

Its really beautiful, Idk why more people haven’t brought it??? I’m waiting on a mint blouse and pinkxmintxblack headdress. I wanna wear this coord to supernova in april.